Response Coalescing

Just a brief update.

Perhaps the first bullet point from a USAID situation report gives the best overview:

    According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), information on the status of hospitals and health facilities remains limited and contradictory. PAHO reports only a limited number of functioning centers, run primarily by international non-governmental organizations. The temporary field hospital at the U.N. logistics base quickly reached full capacity and is no longer accepting new patients. The GoH [Government of Haiti] designated four new locations for international field hospitals.

Things are still a mess, but I can see a larger and more organized response coalescing.  Just the number of people in the UN camp where I’ve thus far spent most my time time has quadrupled since I arrived just 2 1/2 days ago.  Relief International is a day ahead of most in getting organized, and with the arrival of 10 people yesterday and three more today we are operational!  One member who joined is an Relief International board member who is a documentary film maker, so at least we have someone to take some pictures (below).

We have also moved from staying outdoors at the UN compound to staying with a friend of one of our team members, and through them have made contact with the Prime Minister’s office. This will facilitate our work greatly as we now have a more direct link to the government.

The situation at the field hospital at the UN logistics base mentioned in the quoted USAID report above, and where I worked the first night of arrival, has deteriorated tremendously.  There is still no proper sanitation, and no food and water has been provided for the patients.  Four to seven patients are dying there daily.  There are simply so many needs!

We will begin delivering care later today. Updates later.

Thank you for your support!

Update from Hernando Garzon, MD, January 19, 2010


4 responses to “Response Coalescing

  1. Paula Hunsicker

    Hernando, thanks for the continuing updates. The conditions look and sound deplorable. I pray for you, the other workers and the people of Haiti. Keep up the great work you all are doing there

  2. Chastity Rios

    Thank you for being there in other peoples time of need. You are an excellent example of a great doctor! Keep us updated…prayers with you all.

  3. Karl Sonkin, Media Relns

    More help is on the way: an SCL physician is leaving Friday.

  4. I am following events closely through your blog and the reporting of one of my close friends who is there reporting from the Charlotte Observer, Franco Ordonez. I will tell him to look for you and your team.

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