Need to Expand Access

Our clinic continues to see patients, while we assess the situation and coordinate with the WHO efforts around health issues for the entire event. It is likely we will also look at either opening a second clinic and/or become involved with mobile clinics which will get us to more difficult to access pockets of population which have not yet had any medical care.

I will be traveling home earlier than expected for family reasons, but am hoping to return shortly to continue this vital work! This is only the beginning of a long process of recovery for the people of Haiti.

In my absence the medical team will be lead by Suzy Fitzgerald, MD from Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek’s emergency department.  Hopefully she will continue blogging the team’s experiences.

Update from Hernando Garzon, MD, January 23, 2010.


3 responses to “Need to Expand Access

  1. paula hunsicker

    Hey Hernando,
    Good to see pictures and know that you are well. You and your team are doing amazing work, God bless each of you. Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Hernando,
    Your blogs continue to remind us that our lives should not be taken for granted and we should value what God has provided.
    Hernando, you are a remarkable individual. It is truly a privilege to know someone that is so committed to helping others.
    My prayers to you and all of the dedicated volunteers who are making a difference to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
    Hoping your family situation is not too serious – they too deserve recognition for their sacrifice when Daddy is away –
    God bless you and your family.

  3. Hernando~ It’s great to find your blog, I was wondering who I’d find down there. Good Work on all the things that you do. I worked with you in Pakistan and if you need a paramedic or a grunt worker down there please let me know. Best wishes,

    Chad McCall

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