When an area’s infrastructure has been badly damaged following a disaster and communications are difficult, as is the case in Haiti, local communities can be overwhelmed by an influx of people and supplies. Thus, the best and most efficient way to help is with financial support to reputable relief organizations. On January 16, 2010, Kaiser Permanente wired $500,000 to four key organizations on the ground in Haiti.

In addition, some Kaiser Permanente physicians and nurses who are trained in disaster relief already have departed for Haiti on behalf of aid organizations with which they have affiliated. As needs arise, Kaiser Permanente will be ready to provide further resources and emergency caregivers. This blog was created to help these relief workers share their stories.

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  1. Patricia Lockyer

    Please continue to email me the blog. I think this is a great idea!

  2. Congrats on all the good work; I will be headed to Haiti soon with IOM. Seems like we share a similar taste in blog names and layouts! Best regards, Mark, Dispatches form a fragile island at http://haititales.wordpress.com/

  3. My husband, Dr. Claude Roge, has called me from the airport at Port au Prince this morning to say that all went well on the Coast Guard plane out of Miami. Transportation for his team (headed by Dr. Dave Fogarty) has been arranged by an American. They are now travelling by bus and supply trucks on the relatively new “highway” out of PAP headed toward Hinche, at which point the road reverts to traditional dirt roads on to Pignon, where they will work at Hopital Bienfaisance. Dr. Roge would like me to keep you all posted. Thank you and God bless to Dr. Garzon’s team for helping the country my husband and I have come to love through our work there.

  4. Thank you for putting this blog up, and for all the work Kaiser is doing in Haiti. Reading aid workers on the ground discuss their experiences is very enlightening, and really gives a picture both of the work that needs to be done but also of hope.

    At the GENESIS Network, our founder recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Haiti. We currently have one initative in the country and are hoping to do more work; feel free to give us a look at http://www.thegenesisnetwork.org.

    Thanks again for sharing these stories.

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